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Cardio Workouts

How Wheelchair Users Can Work Out Safely

Wheelchair users can should never feel deterred to exercise regularly. Keeping up your fitness is not only great for your physical health, but does wonders for your mind as well! ...

Cardio Workouts

The 7 Best Cycling Tracks in Perth

Why you should take up cycling in perth Cycling is a fantastic way to increase your cardiovascular fitness, not to mention it’s an amazing way to see your city. Perth ...

Strengthen & Tone

6 Warning Signs To Look Out For When You’re Exercising

When you’re working out, whether you’re an avid gym goer or you’re new to the fitness scene, it’s so important to listen to your body. Watching for warning signs such ...

Personal Trainers

How to Teach a Fitness Class with Confidence

The importance of first impressions Confidence comes with experience. But it’s really important to bring a good energy, positivity and fun to your work from the get-go. You want to ...

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Sports Performance

The Best Technology To Improve Your Workout

There’s a horde of a gadgets, apps and wearable technology designed for the purpose of improving your workout. It can be overwhelming to pick tech that’s right for you – ...

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9 Healthy Cafes In Perth: Eat Now, Thank Us Later

A lot of people who are working on their personal fitness goals may feel that dining out or grabbing a coffee should be a no-no. But don’t despair, you can ...

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How to Exercise With A Dog In Perth

Have you ever wanted a friend to join you for a workout, only to be disappointed when they drop out at the last minute? You’ve probably heard every excuse in ...