Bailey Fitness - Leg Day Routine To Die For
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A Leg Day Routine To Die For (And Not Die Doing)

Do You Even Squat? It should go without staying, but your legs are an integral part of your body. Why then do so many people skip leg day? Maybe it’s ...

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Fitness Trends To Expect in 2018

Though the fitness industry still seems like a relatively new market in actual fact the first gym popped up in the USA in the 1850’s. From a commercial standpoint, things ...

Bailey Fitness - Improving Back Strength (3)
Strengthen & Tone

The Simple Guide To Improving Back Strength

It’s Not About What You See In The Mirror Strength, health, wellbeing. These characteristics are about more than how you look. Too often it’s easy to be critical about your ...

Bailey Fitness - Encourage Children To Be Healthy
Healthy Minds

How To Encourage Children To Be Healthy

Oh how the times have changed. I remember growing up as a kid here in Perth, I’m 34 now but it doesn’t seem all that long ago. I was always ...

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The Best Running Tracks In Perth

Lets face it. You either love running or your hate it! Some people spring out of bed every morning for a solid 10km run while others believe the words FUN ...

Postnatal Exercise,Weight Loss

The Ultimate Guide to Postnatal Fitness

Your bundle of joy has arrived and you are ready to take the next step of getting your pre-baby back. For some you may only be just past the 6-week ...

baileyfitness - I Want My Boobs Back!
Weight Loss

“I Want My Boobs Back!” Why Good Posture Is Essential For Healthy Living

Before I get any further into this, I realise that, on the surface, an article about boobs written by a man may seem a little bit…well…wrong… But please hear me ...