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Quiz: What Exercise Programme Is Right For Me?

Not sure which exercise programme will help you achieve the results you want? Take our quiz and Bailey Fitness will send you a custom programme to help you reach your ...

Bailey - Breathe Right When Exercising
Sports Performance

How To Breathe Right When Exercising

What if I told you that you’re breathing wrong? Yes – you breathe around 25,000 times per day and you’ve been doing it for years. But there’s a good chance ...

Bailey - Key to Success in Leadership Roles
Healthy Minds

Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Success in Leadership Roles

We all know what IQ (Intelligence Quotient) means. It’s a simple metric that compares you with a set of norms to see how smart you are. However, research from Travis ...

Strengthen & Tone

What You Need to Know About Your Pectorals

A strong chest isn’t just for professional bodybuilders. Your pectoral muscles are an integral part of your anatomy and keeping them strong will have a positive effect on your everyday ...

Strengthen & Tone

Why Lower Back Exercise Matters

The impact of a strong lower back Exercising for as little as 20-30 minutes a day can give you a strong lower back – it loosens up tense muscles and ...

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Advanced HIIT Exercises Video Tutorial

Welcome to the advanced video in our high intensity interval training series. If you skipped the beginner HIIT video and intermediate HIIT video without trying the workouts, please go back ...

Cardio Workouts,Fitness Videos

Intermediate HIIT Video Tutorial

Welcome to the intermediate video in our high intensity interval training series. If you’ve skipped the beginner video without trying the workout, please go back and try it first! In ...