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9 Healthy Cafes In Perth: Eat Now, Thank Us Later

A lot of people who are working on their personal fitness goals may feel that dining out or grabbing a coffee should be a no-no. But don’t despair, you can ...

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Cardio Workouts

How to Exercise With A Dog In Perth

Have you ever wanted a friend to join you for a workout, only to be disappointed when they drop out at the last minute? You’ve probably heard every excuse in ...

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Quiz: What Exercise Programme Is Right For Me?

Not sure which exercise programme will help you achieve the results you want? Take our quiz and Bailey Fitness will send you a custom programme to help you reach your ...

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Sports Performance

How To Breathe Right When Exercising

What if I told you that you’re breathing wrong? Yes – you breathe around 25,000 times per day and you’ve been doing it for years. But there’s a good chance ...

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Healthy Minds

Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Success in Leadership Roles

We all know what IQ (Intelligence Quotient) means. It’s a simple metric that compares you with a set of norms to see how smart you are. However, research from Travis ...

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What You Need to Know About Your Pectorals

A strong chest isn’t just for professional bodybuilders. Your pectoral muscles are an integral part of your anatomy and keeping them strong will have a positive effect on your everyday ...

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Why Lower Back Exercise Matters

The impact of a strong lower back Exercising for as little as 20-30 minutes a day can give you a strong lower back – it loosens up tense muscles and ...