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Sports Performance

The Best Technology To Improve Your Workout

There’s a horde of a gadgets, apps and wearable technology designed for the purpose of improving your workout. It can be overwhelming to pick tech that’s right for you – ...

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Sports Performance

How To Breathe Right When Exercising

What if I told you that you’re breathing wrong? Yes – you breathe around 25,000 times per day and you’ve been doing it for years. But there’s a good chance ...

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The Best Running Tracks In Perth

Lets face it. You either love running or your hate it! Some people spring out of bed every morning for a solid 10km run while others believe the words FUN ...

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Muay Thai Bringing People Together: Training the Clinch

Muay Thai isn’t just about punching, kicking, elbowing and kneeing people- it’s also about clinching! Clinching is the when you use your arms and hands (in your gloves) to gain ...

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Never Skip Shadow Boxing!

Shadow boxing is exactly what it sounds like- you’re fighting a shadow! It consists of striking the air with your Muay Thai arsenal. Shadow boxing is not only practised in ...

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4 Muay Thai Sparring Tips for Beginners

Sparring for the first few times will be just as equally terrifying as it is exhilarating! It is completely normal to be nervous but if you follow these tips it ...

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Training Tips for Beginners: A Rough Guide to Your First Time Training Muay Thai

Muay Thai, also known as the the science or art of eight limbs, is a combat sport originating in Thailand. The name literally translates to “Thai Boxing” and is the ...